Advantages of Pulsed Laser Deposition

The high kinetic energy in the plasma results in excellent adhesion of the deposited film to the substrate. This can result in the elimination of glue layers such as Titanium, and eliminate interface layer issues due to elevated temperature operation and thermal cycling.

Substrate temperatures during deposition can be as low as 70°C so making PLD an ideal choice for deposition onto Polymers and Plastics

PLD uses only Light + Matter and so is unique in deposition technologies in that it delivers 100% Stoichiometry transfer. This is most important for the deposition of complex materials.

Many applications require films to be porous and generate a large active surface area. PLD not only can deliver a controlled nanostructure but also with excellent adhesion and at low temperature

Picodeon’s USPLD provides the highest productivity in PLD technology and so is cost effective

Operating at the atomic level, Picodeon’s USPLD is scalable to smaller geometries and so is perfectly positioned to replace slurry processes in applications such as sensors and ceramic coatings for Lithium Ion Battery separator membranes.