Coldab® Coating Equipment – for R&D and Industrial Use

Coldab® Series4 Coating Equipment

Coldab® Series4 enables thin film coating in volume scale production. Coldab® Series4 has a multi-substrate load-lock system which enables continuous coating process without any production stops. Deposition chamber has three-stage target table, providing capability to coat different materials in one pump-down production cycle. Coldab® Series4 can be tailor-made to application specific needs. Please contact Picodeon sales team for further information.

Coldab® Series2 Coating Equipment

Coldab® Series2 is an advanced thin film coating equipment for R&D and pilot scale production. Based on Picodeon’s patented Coldab® Ultra-short Pulsed Laser Deposition (USPLD) technology it offers a unique benefit to deposit any type of thin film layers to any type of substrate materials. Picodeon Coldab® Series2 equipment provides easy implementation of advanced thin film coatings