Gas Sensor – Controlled Nanostructure

Gas Sensors are part of the Internet of Things.

As air quality becomes increasingly important the ability to monitor and respond to environmental changes is essential.

Gas sensors are found in the home and office as CO and CO2 levels impact health, safety and also productivity. It is important to measure volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) such as Formaldehyde, Naphthalene, and Benzene in air conditioning systems as regulation is driving this agenda.

Gas sensors have been fabricated to date on MEMS platforms and FET structures. They are not set up to deliver the demands of the Internet of Things with small footprint, low energy consumption, and excellent sensitivity and selectivity are required.

Picodeon’s USPLD delivers porous metal oxide films to act as sensing layers for tomorrow’s gas sensors. The controller nanostructure delivers increases sensitivity and smller footprint leading to better energy efficiency and scalability that will bring gas sensors into the mobile devices of tomorrow.

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